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Pledge to the River School

Voluntary Financial Pledge Details

We offer online payment and credit card payment for your voluntary financial pledge for your convenience. You may modify or cancel your subscription directly through your PayPal account, or you may use this page to modify your payment, or contact us to manage those details for you. It’s up to you.

Pledge Payment Details

We have set up choices for monthly pledge payment, one-time pledge payment, or variable pledge payment. These payments are secure and are offered through the use of PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this service; you may use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. You may also use your existing PayPal account. You may, of course, continue to send your checks in the mail, or come in to our office to pay via check, cash or credit card.

If you choose a monthly pledge commitment, PayPal will automatically deduct your payment for the amount you set up for the number of months you choose. Otherwise, you may submit payments through this page ~ whenever you like, for whatever amount you’d like ~ once a year, or some other time frame (maybe twice a year, or 3 times a year) ~ it’s up to you.

You also have the capability to modify the amount of your monthly pledge payment. If you need to cancel your monthly pledge, please contact us at with the details.

Online Financial Security

We use PayPal because of their exemplary security standards. PayPal guarantees 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the safety of your transaction, please visit the PayPal website for details.

One potential security issue to be aware of is “phishing” or “spoof” emails. This is email that looks official, yet is actually an illegal attempt to obtain your financial details. To help you better identify fake emails, you should know that PayPal follows strict rules. They will never ask for the following personal information in emails:

  • Credit and debit card numbers
  • Bank account numbers
  • Driver’s License numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Passwords
  • Your full name

Monthly Pledge

The Monthly Pledge allows you to select the pledge amount you wish to commit to. This amount will be deducted from the credit card or PayPal account you specify every month. We want to make this an affordable option to everyone. However we have to start at $10/mo due to the additional processing fees, anything lower and you would only be helping the credit card companies.

$10 every month : Voluntary Financial Pledge for River School
$20 every month : Voluntary Financial Pledge for River School
$50 every month : Voluntary Financial Pledge for River School
$100 every month : Voluntary Financial Pledge for River School
$250 every month : Voluntary Financial Pledge for River School

One-time or Variable Pledge

The One-time or Variable Pledge allows you total flexibility. You may make a payment for any amount you wish, whenever you wish.

To make your pledge, click on the One-Time Pledge button. You will then be prompted for the amount and other payment details through PayPal.

Voluntary Financial Pledge – Variable Payment

Modify Monthly Pledge Amount

If you deduct monthly payments via Paypal and wish to change the monthly pledge amount, please do this directly through Paypal. Log into Paypal here and update the pledge amount listed. You will need the original email/password you used to modify the monthly pledge.

Go to PayPal’s website to make changes